Our focus

At Ferreycorp we understood long ago the importance of implementing good corporate governance practices. Although we do not always use the term “corporate governance”, which is a recent term, we believe that throughout our business life we have guided our actions in the context of ethical principles, many of which are included in the current concept of corporate governance. Respect for shareholders’ rights, equitable treatment of shareholders, clear stipulation of the functions of the board of directors and management, as well as the transparent and timely presentation of relevant information to the market, are practices that we have adopted for a long time, which have allowed us to align the interests of shareholders with those of the different management levels. Our organization has decided to make our corporate governance practices more widely and systematically known to the market, for which reason we have adopted a set of actions that seek to ensure that the control and management of the company is carried out with a clear sense of responsibility towards all economic agents, demonstrating transparency and reliability in the information provided to the market and its shareholders. Within this logic, we have created a Regulation of the Shareholders’ Meeting and a Regulation of the Board of Directors, where clear rules are established for the management of both governing bodies. As has been a permanent practice of the company, Ferreycorp subscribes our intention to continue in the process of improving our standards oriented to compliance with the principles of corporate governance. Since 2002, Ferreycorp has not only strived to maintain a high level of compliance with the principles, but also has contributed to disseminate them in the market; it has participated in different events and has contributed its testimony and shared its own experiences to motivate other companies to continue working on the application of the principles.