Dividends Policy

In the Mandatory Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting held on March 27, 2019, it was agreed to modify the company’s Dividend Policy, which establishes the following:

“The dividend to be distributed in cash shall be equivalent to 5% of the nominal value of the shares issued at the time of convening the meeting, and may reach up to 60% of the freely disposable profits for the annual exercise.

In the event that 5% of the nominal value of the shares issued at the time of convening the meeting is less than 60% of the freely disposable profits obtained at the close of the annual exercise, the meeting may distribute a higher cash dividend, the maximum of which shall be equivalent to 60% of the profits for the exercise.

Notwithstanding the above, the meeting, upon the board’s proposal, may approve the distribution of extraordinary dividends above the maximum limit of the policy when extraordinary income is generated or there is a significant change in market or business circumstances that results in excess liquidity.

Likewise, the board may propose and agree to distribute interim dividends during the corresponding exercise or after it is completed until the dividend determination occurs. This decision will be based on information from the financial statements showing the existence of distributable profits for the current fiscal year.

The payment of extraordinary dividends and the distribution of interim dividends will be made when there are no alternative uses for the surpluses, such as debt payment, increasing working capital, or making new investments, among others. Similarly, such payments should not trigger a situation of non-compliance with obligations and financial ratios agreed with third parties, nor affect the company’s financial capacity to meet its social obligations, based on the report presented by the general management.

Payment of dividends via bank transfer

Find out how to receive your dividend payments through bank transfer.

We would like to request all shareholders who wish to receive their dividend payments via bank transfer to provide us with the following information:

Shareholders name
ID number or RUC (Tax ID)
Banks name
Bank Account Number
Interbank Code (CCI)
Account Type

Please send this information to the following email address: jonathan.fonseca@ferreycorp.com.pe – Jonathan Fonseca.

Dividend advance 2023
Cut-off day: 12/10/2023
Date of record: 16/10/2023
Payment date: 26/10/2023
Calculadora de Dividendos
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