Shareholders Guide

Dividend Payments

Shareholdes that have material shares can comunicate the the responsible of the Investor Relations department; indicating the details of their bank account with the purpose to transfer the amount of dividends on the payment date. In case exist a dividend pending payment, the payment will be on their bank accounts two business days after their provide all their bank information.

Shareholder Inquiries

The shareholders who change their address, lose their shares certification o have to pick them up, must have to carry out any process of inheritance of shares, need their tax certificates, wish to received their dividends payment direct on their bank account via transfers; have any doubts or require information related to their participacion; they must get in contact with the analyst o executive of Investor Relations.

Which is the process to follow for a name change?

Please contact the Analyst/Executive of investor relations and send a copy of your updated national identity document.

What is the procedure to follow when a shareholder passes away?

Verify whether the deceased person left a will registered in Public Records. In the absence of a will, it is necessary to file a declaration of heirs of the deceased to determine the rightful owner(s) of these shares. Until the successors present the division and partition of the shares, they are considered as part of the estate.

What is the procedure for leaving shares as an inheritance?

To leave shares as inheritance, shareholders can do it through a will registered in public records or through an inheritance advance

Power of Attorney for Dividend Collection/Disposition of Shares:

In case you are unable to personally attend to dividend collection or manage your shares and have provided someone with power of attorney for these purposes, please ensure that the power of attorney is correctly drafted and registered in public records.

Email communications

The shareholders can registered with the executive of Investor Relations to receive the mail communications; which allow a faster a safer communication. Also it permits:
a) Receive the notifications via email about the publishment and availability of documents related to the audit financial statements, intern financial results, management reports and annual reports
b) Detail access to their individual participation.
c) Modify your data (such as adress or bank accounts)
d) Choose the way you want to receive your dividens, for the shareholder with material shares.
e) Receive via an email Ferreycorp´s publishments for the Annual Shareholders Meeting that include: Call meeting letter, Governance Statement that include the agenda items and proxy statement.
f) Share the voting instructions for the Annual Shareholders meetings.

Also, it allows the shareholders to contribute to reduce the environmental impact through the reduce of paper use, mailing and transport and the reduction of unnecessary waste.

Online services for shareholders

Ferreycorp provide a series of online services on the Investor Relations web section in; where the shareholders and other parts interested can:
a) See/Download annual reports
b) See/Downdload rules and regulations
c) Review the amounts and historic dividends dates payments
d) Use the interactive tools to calculte the amount of dividendes to receive.


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